Ferguson TEA2085

$5,500.00 CAD


This tractor has been totally remanufactured throughout. Including:

  • Complete disassembly of ALL tractor parts internal and external
  • Thorough cleaning and degreasing of all parts
  • Repair or Replacement of all defective parts
  • Sandblasting, priming and painting parts individually
  • Reassembly of parts & adjusting of operating parameters


Engine Standard, 4 cylinder, OHV, 85mm bore, 127 C.I.D, naturally aspirated with oil bath air cleaner.
Transmission 4-Speed
Lift System Category I 3PH
PTO 540 RPM, SAE, 6-Spline
Electrical System 12 volt negative ground, full instrumentation (oil pressure, H20 Temperature, ammeter, hour meter) Charging system is Delco alternator equipped. Instrumentation is illuminated.
Head Lights Headlights and rear work light are operable to have headlights only or headlights and rear work lights illuminated via 3 position fused light switch.
Tires 6.00x16 triple rib front. 11.2x28 rear
Heater Engine coolant heater installed for winter starting
Brakes Individual brakes on separate pedals & master pedal to apply both brakes simultaneously.
Fenders Clamshell fenders over rear wheels
Engine Hood Engine hood tilts forward for easy access to battery, fuel tank, radiator, and engine.