Ford 8N

$2,975.00 CAD



This tractor is ideal for acreage or hobby farms. It is very maneuverable with a short turning radius, and capable of handling a variety of 3PH implements. Optionally, this unit is very handy with a front-end loader.


Engine Four-cylinder, L-head, naturally aspirated, 120 C.I.D. with oil bath air cleaner
Transmission Four forward spreads with one reverse spread
Hydraulic lift Category I 3PH lift system
PTO 540 RPM Transition PTO
Electrical 6-volt electrical with full instrumentation (oil pressure, ammeter)
Charging system Alternator equipped; headlights and rear work light included
Tires 4.00" x 19" triple-rib front wheels, 6-bolt rims; 11.2" x 28" rear tractor tires
Fenders Clamshell-style over rear wheels
Brakes Individual brake pedals for each wheel, or apply both pedals simultaneously